Microsoft Forms

Another tool at our disposal as part of our Office365 subscription is Microsoft Forms.   Forms allows you to easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls without any complicated programming knowledge required.   You can view results in real time as they come in.

Read more here, which includes some good examples of the types of questions you can set up.

More advanced features like question branching (based on your answers to a previous question) are available as well.

Once you create the form, you can collaborate with others to edit questions, make changes, etc.    Once you are ready to send out the form, you can choose whether to allow just internal (RU faculty/staff) to respond, or whether you want others to be able to respond.  You can email recipients from here as well, or create a link which you can send out yourselfc.  It also allows you to create a QR code that can be scanned from a mobile device to access the form. 

Think of it as another available option in addition to Qualtrics.

Microsoft Forms can be accessed by logging into OWA , clicking the tic-tac-toe button at the top left, and choose FORMS.  Or, you can access directly via

Any questions, contact your local IT support.