Inbox and Sweep Rules

One of the helpful features that Office 365 includes is the ability to create inbox and sweep rules to help organize your email.

Inbox rules apply to emails as they arrive.  Sweep rules apply to all emails including emails you've already received.  In practice, most folks use inbox rules, and they are used to take action on emails as they arrive.

Examples of ways to use rules:

* Move all emails from one or more people to a specific folder.
* Move all emails sent to a particular list to a specific folder.
* Move emails containing a particular subject or containing specific words in the subject or body to a particular folder.
* Mark emails matching a certain criteria with to a specific color category or mark with a specific importance level.

There are various other ways to use rules as well.

Here are instructions on how to set up rules in OWA.

The instructions say to click on "INBOX RULES" but in our current version of OWA the option is called "INBOX AND SWEEP RULES".  Otherwise the instructions are correct.

Rules can also be created and managed if you use the desktop version of outlook on your computer.  On a PC running Outlook 2016, click file, then MANAGE RULES & ALERTS", and you should be able to follow the same instructions.  The steps should be similar for Outlook for Mac.

One thing you CANNOT do, per university policy, is set a rule to forward your mail outside of your Rutgers Connect account.  It will initially let you create the rule but it will be immediately flagged and removed.

Any questions, contact your local IT support.