Outlook Web App (OWA) - Webmail

OWA (Outlook Web App) which is the webmail system for RU Connect.  I know many here at SEBS/NJAES use it already, but many folks I've spoken to are not aware of this system or it's features.

Here's a quick instruction page on how to access OWA

OWA is essentially a full featured outlook client in a web browser.  This can be used from any computer, phone, etc.  It's a perfect way to check email when you are not in the office.  Additionally, you can open an online version of Word, Powerpoint, and Excel right in the browser and work on documents which you can save to your OneDrive.

The direct URL is to log into OWA is:


From OWA you can also access your calendar, contacts, Tasks, OneDrive files and several other items (more on that will be included in future emails).  You can also set your out of office reply and adjust any settings like rules, spam settings, etc.

Any questions, contact your local IT support.