Microsoft Power Automate

Another tool at our disposal as part of our Office365 subscription is Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow).  This feature allows you to create automated workflows to handle things like synchronizing files, collecting data and, as the Power Automate motto goes, “Work less, do more”.  "Flows" in Power Automate can be automated, scheduled or manually triggered.  There are hundreds of templates available or you can customize your own "Flow".  Read how to get started here.

Below are just a few suggestions for creating a "Flow" within Power Automate:

  • Save email attachments to OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint or GoogleDrive.
  • Get a customized email when a new item is added to a shared site library.
  • Push a button to trigger a generic email, like notifying your boss or group that you are out today.
  • Send auto-replies to a sender when a new email arrives after hours.
  • Update your Outlook contacts when a Google contact is modified.
  • Insert a row in an Excel spreadsheet when a new email arrives in a shared mailbox.
  • Get an email when a student completes a quiz created in Microsoft Forms.
  • Get a push notification on your phone when a new file is added to your SharePoint site or when your receive an email from your boss (needs Flow app on the phone)
  • Send responses received in Microsoft Forms for approval and record the responses in a SharePoint list.

Microsoft Power Automate can be accessed by logging into OWA, clicking the tic-tac-toe icon in the top left corner, then ALL APPS, then Power Automate.  Or you can access directly via

Any questions, contact Donna Guadagno or your local IT support.