Real Time Collaboration: Excel, Word & Powerpoint

Did you know, you can edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents right from your web browser?  You can work on files you have stored in OneDrive right from your browser, or create a new document from the browser and save in your OneDrive, all without needing to have Office installed on your computer, mobile device, ipad, chromebook, etc.

Simply log into OWA and click on the tic-tac-toe icon in the top left corner, and choose either Word, Excel, or Powerpoint.  A web based version of the program will open in a new tab and you can create or edit a file and save to OneDrive.

As an added bonus, once you open Word, Excel, or Powerpoint via the browser, you can work collaboratively on the same document with other people in real time.

Here's a quick video example how to use this real-time collaboration feature using Excel.

Doing the same with Word and Powerpoint works the same way.  There is a chat feature that allows you to chat with those you are collaborating with while you are collaborating as well.

The collaboration feature can be started from your local copy of Office 2016 for windows or mac, in addition to the web version.

Any questions, contact your local IT support.