Recovering Deleted Items

As I’m sure you all know, if you delete an email from your RUConnect account, it will go to your Deleted Items folder and would be easily recoverable from that folder.    Items in that folder are deleted after 30 days.  However, you may not realize that you can still recover emails that were deleted from your Deleted Items folder for up to another 60 days*.  To do so, in the desktop outlook application, click on the Deleted Items folder, and then choose RECOVER DELETED ITEMS FROM SERVER from the top menu (under the HOME menu and ACTIONS group).  In OWA, you can right click on the Deleted Items folder and choose RECOVER DELETED ITEMS…   Both will open up your Recoverable Items folder and you can restore any items you want to from there.

*These items can be restored “up to 60 days” but not necessarily always that long due to the way that items are deleted from our Office 365 tenant.  It could be as little as 30 days.

Finally, it is possible that items can be recovered for another 30 days beyond when it’s deleted from the Recoverable Items folder, but that would require a manual restoration by OIT and there are a few caveats so there is not guarantee you will find the specific items you are looking for.  This step should only be taken when no other option exists.

Please contact Karl Lindauer or your local IT support with any questions or issues.