Sharepoint Application Launcher

Good afternoon,

The SharePoint App is now available in the Office 365 App Launcher.  This is basically a dashboard for all of your accessible SharePoint sites to make it easier to navigate and copy files among them.

You know you are within the Office 365 suite of products when you see the App Launcher.  The App Launcher is the tic-tac-toe icon located at the top left of all Office 365 products.  Examples of Office 365 products are Outlook on the web (OWA), Word/Excel/Power Point O365 version, One Drive, Teams, Flow, Forms.

When you click on the O365 App Launcher, you receive a list of accessible Apps.  It looks something like this: 

Clicking on any one of these apps will launch the application in your current window.  If you do not want to overlay the contents of your current window, you can click on the ellipsis  then click Open in new tab.

Once in the SharePoint dashboard, you will see a list of those SharePoint sites that you are Following and any sites you have recently visited.

The most efficient way to use this dashboard and some other functionalities described below is to make sure you are Following all of your SharePoint sites.  In fact, you should always follow all sites where you are a member so that you can see those sites in the SharePoint dashboard and in the Mobile Apps and to insure that all content related to those sites is available to you.

To follow a SharePoint site, you can go to that site and click the empty star or Not Following button in the upper-right corner of the site…


Or, you can go to the SharePoint App dashboard and click the empty star on any site card displayed.

There are two more valuable reasons to Follow all of your SharePoint sites.

  1. You can more easily copy a document from one site to another by using the Copy to option.  All Followed sites and their folders will be listed and available.
  2. When doing a “Save As” from any Office 365 product, all Followed SharePoint sites and their folders are available under the Sites – Rutgers University heading.

Any questions, contact Donna Guadagno or your local IT support.