Sites@Rutgers (aka Site-In-A-Box)

While the Office of Communications & Marketing handles the main websites for SEBS, NJAES, and most Centers, Departments and Institutes, websites for individual faculty and staff and labs have always been left up to those individuals to set up and maintain themselves.   Generally this has been done by part-time staff, graduate students, etc., and long term maintenance is problematic as these students graduate or move around the university.  Furthermore, with the decommissioning of many of our local systems (AESOP, RCI, etc) the places where these sites were traditionally hosted have gone away.

OIT has come up with a very elegant solution to this problem.  Sites@rutgers (aka Site-In-A-Box) was created to meet this need.   Sites@Rutgers is based off a WordPress backend, and it’s designed to be set up, managed and maintained by non-web developers.   Templates are available to use so you don’t need to set up the look and feel of the site, you just need to manage your content.  These templates are set up with the correct Rutgers identity features and accessibility features so you don’t need to worry about those either.  Templates are managed by OIT so when such changes need to be made, they will make these changes globally without you needing to do anything.

Click here for more information on the process.   Documentation can be found here.   Click here for a quick video tutorial.

Andrew Campbell from our staff is available to assist, as is the OIT Helpdesk (848/445-HELP).

Any questions, contact Andrew Campbell (, your local IT support or the OIT Helpdesk.