Cookpeople vs. Personals

Below are the general guidelines for using COOKPEOPLE:

  1. COOKPEOPLE is the official business electronic mailing list for SEBS/NJAES. If you have non-SEBS/NJAES business, please send to PERSONALS@SEBS.RUTGERS.EDU. Now, the somewhat subjective issue is "What actually constitutes official business?" There are clear examples of items that don't meet the official business criteria, such as personal items for sale, jokes, pyramid schemes, etc. It is not the desire of ITS to play the role of "email police" in an academic environment.
  2. Only Rutgers email addresses (except scarletmail) are able to send to COOKPEOPLE. Users from AOL.COM, MSN.COM, etc. will not be able to send to COOKPEOPLE.
  3. Please remember when you send to COOKPEOPLE to have a very descriptive subjective line:
    • Bad Examples: seminar, meeting, FYI
    • Good Examples: Agricultural Seminar on using Trickle Irrigation, Information Technology meeting on PDA devices

It is important to let the user decide in a few seconds whether they need to read the email. There are over 1,700 users that are part of COOKPEOPLE and it is a necessary courtesy to have a descriptive subject line.