Create an Email Distribution List on RUConnect

Academic Departments

Any SEBS department that would like to maintain a department list should contact Karl Lindauer at the e-mail address or phone number below. We will set up the list and you can maintain the membership of the list. Some departments have set up lists in the following format (where DEPT would be an abbreviation for the department name):

  • DEPTALL: includes all faculty, graduate students, and others members of the department
  • DEPTFAC: faculty in the department
  • DEPTGRAD: graduate students in the department
  • DEPTOTHER: other members of the department

Cook Students by Major/Class Year

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Andy Campbell, there is a list that curriculum coordinators, etc. can send information to their students by major or even class year. For further information, contact Andy directly via email at or by phone at 848-932-4117.

Discussion Lists

If you are a SEBS Faculty/Staff member that would like to maintain a distribution list that relates to an academic project, discussion of an academic topic, etc., we can set up a list for your group that you can add and remove names. In the future we're looking to have a directory of discussion lists. This way everyone in the Cook Community can find out about what topics are being discussed and possibly join an appropriate list. If you have a need for a discussion, just give Karl Lindauer a call at 848-932-4116 or send him and email at