SEBS/NJAES Email Guidelines

1) How To Use Your RUConnect Account: You can access your new account via OWA (Outlook Web App) by simply logging in at Details can be found here:

If you choose to use an email program like outlook, thunderbird, macmail, etc, Instructions for configuring your email software for use with your RUConnect account can be found on this page:

Instructions for most modern email programs are located here.  In most cases, your local IT support personnel will help you configure your software.  However, instructions are located here in case you need to set this up on your own.

Also, if you prefer to set your email account so it sends email FROM something other than your default or, you can do so here:

If you want to add an alias such as or, or or, contact Karl Lindauer (, 848/932-4116).

2) CookPeople Distribution List: is a comprehensive distribution list for all SEBS/NJAES personnel. It is to be used EXCLUSIVELY for official business. Only Rutgers faculty/staff can send to the CookPeople list. The user community enforces compliance with this policy. If you send a personal item to cookpeople, expect the user community to respond with criticism. We prefer to leave cookpeople as a self-policed list. The accounts belonging to the cookpeople list are not expandable nor viewable and is not a source of external spam. Any current faculty, staff, and graduate students can not be removed since this list is to be used as a means of official communications for members of the school and experiment station.

3) Eligibility for an RUConnect account: All SEBS/NJAES faculty and staff are eligible for RUConnect accounts. Other persons who have a formal relationship with SEBS/NJAES, but not employed here, may also be eligible to have an RUConnect account. Account requests not requiring pre-approvals should be directed to Karl Lindauer ( by departmental administrators.

4) Personals Distribution List: CookPople is the OFFICIAL BUSINESS electronic mailing list for SEBS/NJAES. If you have non-SEBS/NJAES business, please send to the RU Personals list ( Now, the somewhat subjective issue is "What actually constitutes official business?" There are clear examples of items that don't meet the official business criteria, such as personal items for sale, jokes, pyramid schemes, etc. It is not the desire of ITS to play the role of "e-mail police" in an academic environment.

Instructions for subscribing to personals can be found here:

Any problems or questions, please contact Karl Lindauer (, 848/932-4116).

5) Distribution Lists and Listservs: All questions regarding distribution lists and listservs should be sent to Karl Lindauer ( If your distribution list is specifically for student clubs, student majors, etc., the request should be made to Andy Campbell (

6) General Email Guidelines: Below are five general guidelines for email:

a) Keep It Simple: Some anti-spam systems identify messages only containing HTML as one of the criteria when determining spam.

b) Limit Attachments To Large Distribution Lists: Attachments should be used sparingly to large distribution lists.  Use PostIt as an alternative to sending large attachments (see below).

c) Size: Most mail servers restrict the maximum size of the message. The maximum size of email messages for many servers is from 10MB to 50MB. RUConnect has a 150MB limit on what it can send or recieve.  However, if you are sending mail to someone outside of RUConnect, their server will likely have a limit on what it can recieve.  We have created an application to bypass the sending of large attachments to individuals and distribution lists both inside and outside the university.  You can access this application here:

d) Subject: Always put a clear and descriptive subject line so users can determine quickly whether they should read your email.

e) Target Appropriate Audiences: Many users just email large lists because it is so easy today. Try to target appropriate audiences when sending out email.