Another feature included in Office365 is Microsoft Delve.    To my knowledge, it’s not used all that much but it may be useful in certain circumstances, especially if you are working within unified groups.  Delve tries to use machine learning to show you files that you or others are working on.  You will only see files you have access to, either ones that are part of groups you are in, or, file that are shared with you via OneDrive or sent to you via email attachments.  You can create “boards” to organize things you want to use frequently.   Delve also functions as a sort of internal social media page for yourself, allowing you to provide information about yourself to share with other faculty and staff within Rutgers.  If others use Delve you can use it to find folks internally which certain skillsets, interests, etc., and use it to connect and collaborate with others.

Information about Delve:

Direct link to login:

This can also be accessed via OWA, by clicking on the tic-tac-toe icon in the top left corner, then ALL APPS, then Delve.

Any questions, contact your local IT support.