Installing Microsoft Office 365

You can install a full copy of Microsoft Office on any device you own, right from OWA (Outlook Web App).

Here are instructions with easy to follow screenshots

Please consult with your local IT support before doing this on any Rutgers equipment, as your IT support may not want you to do this on department-owned equipment.

However, you can install office any personal equipment you own using this method, including Microsoft Office for Android phones or iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc).

Copies of Microsoft Office installed via this method are updated with new features quicker than the standard RU site licensed copies, and they will be upgraded to new versions of Office automatically as they become available and deemed ready for wide use.

You can install up to 5 active copies on each platform as described on this site.

If you replace a computer or phone, you can uninstall or deactivate the copy on the old device and free up a license for the new device, allowing you 5 active copies of each platform at any time.

These copies of Microsoft Office will work as long as you are employed by Rutgers.  Once your employment ends and your Office 365 account is deactivated, these copies of Office will cease to function.  Emeritus faculty will be unaffected.

Any questions, contact your local IT support.