Microsoft To-Do and Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Office 365 has two applications that help with task management in various ways.

Microsoft To-Do is a fairly simple feature that exists to help you keep track of your personal tasks.  It’s baked right into Outlook and OWA.  You can view your To-Do list by clicking the icon in outlook on the bottom left hand pane, (in the same section where you can toggle between calendar, contacts, and email, there should be an icon that is a square with a checkbox in it…that’s To-Do).   From there, you can add new to-do list items and set reminders.  You can also do this automatically by right clicking or flagging emails in outlook or OWA.    There is also an app for your Android and IOS devices.  You can read more about Microsoft To-Do here.

If you are part of a Unified Group, you have another task management option at your disposal: Microsoft Planner.  Microsoft Planner is a lightweight task management system for groups, that works like other project management systems like Trello and SmartSheet.  With Planner, you can create tasks within the group, assign those tasks to members, assign due dates, reminders, etc.   To access Planner from your unified group in OWA, click Planner from the top menu (you may need to click the 3 dots to see more options).   OIT has a page explaining this with some screenshots here:

Or, you can look at this Microsoft page with an explanation of .

As with To-Do, there is an app available as well for IOS and Android.

If you have any questions, contact your local IT support.