Online Teaching Resources

Starting on March 23, classes will no longer be held in person to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Below, you will find useful links on how to access resources for online instruction. The two primary means of instruction will be expected to be LMS (Learning Management Systems), namely Canvas or Sakai, in conjunction with Webex for synchronous communication, or lectures can be prerecorded with video or voice narration over a PowerPoint slide deck.

We encourage using the training provided below, but your local IT support will be your point of contact if you have additional questions or need some direct assistance.

Prerecording a lecture via one of the tools mentioned below, may be a safer option and hedge against any issues with bandwidth or Webex capacity issues. If you do use Webex for a live class, we recommend recording the lecture so you can resend in the future in case any students have issues attending due to complications on their end.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems

University Information for Teaching Online

How to Record Voiceover or Video Narration Over a PowerPoint Presentation

Student Computer Lab Accessibility

Webex Documentation

Zoom Documentation

  1. Using Zoom, including Video tutorials
  2. Integrating Zoom with Canvas

Teams Documentation

  1.  Using Teams, including Video Tutorials

Guidance for IT Organizations on the Steps They Need to Take to Get Ready for Work from Home